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Tips for promoting your streaming media collections

Here is a list of tips for promoting your streaming media collections from the "You've Licensed It. Now What?" panel at the 2014 Charleston Conference.

From Sarah McCleskey, Hofstra University:

1. Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of streaming. This can help guide your promotional strategies.

From Christine Fischer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro:

2. Gather all the info on streaming media in a Libguide. Include lists of resources, help for faculty on embedding links in the learning management system, acquisition policies, and notes on public performance rights.

3. Take advantage of vendor webinars for library liaisons and subject librarians to bring them up to speed on vendor collections.

4. The library liaisons can work with faculty representatives from departments to acquaint them with the content, and to encourage use of the streaming media.

5. Take advantage of the library's website to periodically promote streaming resources.

6. Take advantage of any open house or information fairs or similar venues to demonstrate and promote the streaming collections.

From Steven Milewski, The University of Tennessee - Knoxville:

7. Users will only use a resource if there is a need, it is accessible, and if they are aware that the library has it.

8. Make sure the resources are discoverable! In the catalog, in the list of databases.

9. Consider a brown-bag session for librarians to introduce collections and platforms.

10. Take advantage of orientation programs and "teaching institutes" for new faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Have a canned presentation to demonstrate ways to incorporated streaming media in teaching.

11. Promote streaming resources to students via their orientation programs and in the dorms.

12. Promote the streaming resources in the library as well.

13. Ask vendors what resources they have and take advantage of them. These might include flyers, posters, even website widgets that can help with discoverability.

From Jim Davis, Docuseek2

14. Take advantage of platform tools and social media to "micro-market" specific titles to departments, individual faculty and even student organizations.

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