Distributor:  Terra Nova Films
Length:  57 minutes
Date:  2000
Genre:  Expository
Language:  English
Color/BW:  Color
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Grow Old Along With Me: The Poetry of Aging

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Aging as an ongoing creative process.

Grow Old Along With Me: The Poetry of Aging

'Life doesn't end at a certain age.' Through many diverse faces (from artists and actors to an opera singer and a Buddhist nun), this film takes the viewer on a poignant, engaging journey that shows aging, itself, as an ongoing creative process that fully unfolds only when we embrace the richness that the 'later half' of our lives can bring. With grounded honesty, these older adults address their creativity, intimacy, being alone, accepting the reality of death, and the blessings of peace and nature as they grow older- with hope. Their insights on the process and effects of aging show us how to adapt gracefully to the changes taking place in our bodies, in our relationships, and in the very circumstances of our lives. With the wisdom gained here, viewers will be encouraged to embrace the opportunities of life- at every stage.

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Main credits

Ankele, John (film producer)
Ankele, John (film director)
Macksoud Anne (film producer)
Macksoud Anne (film director)
Martin, Melissa Forster (film producer)
Harris, Julie (host)
Kiley, Richard (host)

Other credits

Director of photography, Nicholas Blair; composer, Richard Kimball.

Distributor credits

Old Dog Documentaries

Old Dog Documentaries

Docuseek2 subjects

Aging and Geriatrics

Distributor subjects

No distributor subjects provided.


Elderhood; Attitude about Aging; Creativity; Aging; The Aging Process; "Grow Old Along With Me: The Poetry of Aging"; Terra Nova Films

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