Look Us in the Eye: The Old Women's Project

Look Us in the Eye: The Old Women's Project

This spirited award-winning documentary introduces us to Cynthia Rich, Janice Keaffaber, and Mannie Garza, the founders of the Old Women's Project, an activist organization that challenges ageism while supporting issues of social justice. Armed with their signature puppet named POWER (which stands for Pissed Old Woman Engaged in Revolution) we see these irrepressible women warriors 'on the battlefield' as they speak their minds, lifT their voices, and organize protest rallies on numerous social fronts. Moving and passionate, this thought-provoking film reminds us of the power, wisdom, and valuable contributions of 'old women' in our society.

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Editors, Tara Veneruso, Laura Carter, Diannah Morgan; funding made possible by The Puffin Foundation.

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Attitudes about Aging
Cultural/Ethnic Diversity in Aging
Gay and Lesbian Studies
Women's studies
Cultural Studies
Social Issues


Attitudes; Cultural; Ethnic; Diversity; Activism; lesbian; "Look Us in the Eye: the Old Women's Project"; Terra Nova Films; women; aging;