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Food for Thought - You are What You Eat - Ep. 6

Food for Thought - You are What You Eat - Ep. 6

The students talk with Nigerian philosopher Michael Onyebuchi Eze, who discusses how the philosophical concept of Ubuntu can help us to think about the value of difference. Rather than seeing difference as an obstacle or source of conflict, professor Onyebuchi Eze argues that our sense of self and community are fundamentally constituted through difference. The group speculates on how Ubuntu can be practiced on both a personal and a political level, through openness in interpersonal exchange and active participation in democraric processes.

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Schuit, Valerie (filmmaker)
Robbiano, Chiara (filmmaker)
Eze, Michael Onyebuchi (presenter)

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; "You are What You Eat"; Viewpoint Films; Michael Onyebuchi Eze; food; Amsterdam; Netherlands; documentary series; philosophy; philosophers; cooking; kitchen; ,doc,food; sociss

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