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Jane Campion: Peel

Jane Campion: Peel

On a hot Australian summer's day, a recalcitrant, freckled, red-headed family of three go on a Sunday drive in the country. Their outing results in an intrigue of awesome belligerence.

"A beautifully photographed, sharply drawn drama...A lovely debut which will be compared to Jane Campion's later work but will certainly live up to the comparison."
Ann Golden Cinema Femmes

"These deceptively fragile-looking and tough-minded short films reveal familiar power plays from multiple points of view, punctuated by telling close-ups. A promising young director's take on the origins of narrative."
Amy Taubin Top 10, Village Voice


Main credits

Campion, Jane (screenwriter)
Campion, Jane (film director)
Campion, Jane (editor of moving image work)
Pye, Tim (on-screen participant)
Pye, Katie (on-screen participant)
Martin, Ben (on-screen participant)

Other credits

Photography, Sally Bongers.

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Cinema Studies


Australia, Exploration; "Jane Campion: Peel"; Women Make Movies