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Building Visions - Peru

β€œThe school is like the heart when it is at the service of the community. Then it is a public school. An open school.”

This is the credo of the Italian architect Marta Maccaglia, who is building a school in Alto Anapati, a village in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. In the past there have always been conflicts in the region - the villagers are suspicious and live in seclusion. Marta Maccaglia managed to gain her trust and get her on board for her project.

Whether it's the choice of lamps or the color of the walls - decisions are always made together. It can be a grueling process, but in the end the whole village is behind it. And everyone pitches in.

The teacher wishes for a place where the traditions, culture and way of life of the local people are passed on to the next generations. "Strengthening identity in the first years of life," is how he imagines the spirit that should blow through the classroom. This wish also flows into the architect's plans.

It is built by hand using local materials, without heavy machinery. The new school should be beautiful. Open, airy, in harmony with nature and adapted to the climate of the region - a place to feel good. Quite in contrast to the concrete blocks that are used for teaching in the rest of the country.

The building should be up in just five months. "Building Visions" shows whether the schedule sticks and how the children like their new school.

Filmed in Austria, India, Peru and the Netherlands, "Building Visions" presents architects who seek answers to the big questions facing our civilization today: climate change, rapidly growing cities, the involvement of local communities, education and migration. They are pioneers in decent housing and sustainable building, turning creativity and humanitarian ideas into plans and implementing them together with residents. We accompany architects who go where money is lacking, social grievances prevail and climate change threatens the environment.

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