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Building Visions - Vienna Seestadt

Vienna – does that make you immediately think of the magnificent buildings of the imperial era? But since 2011, people have been busy building here for the future. New living space is needed for one of the fastest growing metropolises in Europe! A city within the city is now being built on the site of the former Aspern airfield, built around an artificial lake. The sea town.

"Building Visions" portrays this major project and the Swedish architect Johannes Tovatt. He developed the master plan. A life's work. "Let spaces be ambiguous!" That is his motto, his plan remains changeable and adapts to the needs of the people moving in. Spaces deliberately left free inspire the residents to design and garden.

The numerous co-housing projects and assemblies in Seestadt are also about design: tenants get together and get actively involved in the planning of their houses. You want a vibrant neighborhood. Social housing was also taken into account in the project. After all, Vienna largely owes its high quality of life to the concept of municipal housing.

In the beginning there was a stop! Because people should come first, followed by vehicles. Seestadt is connected to the Vienna underground network, schools, leisure facilities and shops are easy to reach on foot or by bike. The traffic concept also follows a master plan and is intended to make Seestadt just as livable and lovable as “old Vienna”.

Filmed in Austria, India, Peru and the Netherlands, "Building Visions" presents architects who seek answers to the big questions facing our civilization today: climate change, rapidly growing cities, the involvement of local communities, education and migration. They are pioneers in decent housing and sustainable building, turning creativity and humanitarian ideas into plans and implementing them together with residents. We accompany architects who go where money is lacking, social grievances prevail and climate change threatens the environment.

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