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Reinventing the World: Cultivating Change

Reinventing the World: Cultivating Change

CULTIVATING CHANGE is an invigorating tour of garden projects in both the United States and Canada. It tells the story of how growing and cooking food can be a remarkable avenue to social change. In San Francisco, for instance, Catherine Sneed's Garden Project has transformed the lives of members of poor inner city communities and created bonds between community members and the police force. In Canada, organizations like Farm Folk, City Folk and First Harvest have helped put meaning back in the lives of people living in cities by reconnecting them to food and the land. Through gardening, organic food production, and cooking, people learn to nurture life and see their hard work turn into something positive. They learn respect for food, for life, and most importantly for themselves.

CULTIVATING CHANGE and its companion program, ECONOMICS, introduce us to innovative people and their ideas for practical solutions to the big problems affecting all of us. Hosted by Canadian author, gardener, and activist Des Kennedy, both programs offer clear alternatives to the questions we are all facing at the beginning of this new millennium.

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Main credits

Springbett, David (film director)
Springbett, David (film producer)
MacAndrew, Heather (film director)
MacAndrew, Heather (film producer)
MacAndrew, Heather (screenwriter)
Kennedy, Des (screenwriter)
Kennedy, Des (narrator)

Other credits

Editor, Jack Morbin; photography, Gord More, Quadra Productions; original music, Tobin Stokes.

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American Studies
Canadian Studies
International Studies
Local Economies
Urban Studies


cultivating change, gardening, reinventing the world, economics, prison.providence farm, raging spoon cafe, social change; "Cultivating Change"; Bullfrog Films

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