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The Divided Brain

THE DIVIDED BRAIN is a mind-altering odyssey about one man's quest to prove a growing imbalance in our brains, and to help us understand how this makes us increasingly unable to grapple with critical economic, environmental and social issues; ones that shape our very future as a species.

THE DIVIDED BRAIN follows Dr. Iain McGilchrist on a journey of discovery as he travels to meet his champions and critics and defends his vision on the implications of his theory. Dr. McGilchrist is a soft-spoken British psychiatrist and neuroscientist who may have uncovered an insidious problem with the way our brains function. He believes that one half of our brain - the left hemisphere - is slowly taking power, and that we in the Western world are simultaneously feeding its ambitions. This half of the brain is very proficient at creating technologies, procedures and systems, but it cannot understand the implications of these on the people and the world around it.

Has our society been hijacked by the left hemisphere?

'The film operates on many levels as a science documentary, a philosophical debate, a political essay, and environmental film, drawing links from each field to further the conversation about the interconnectedness of our world and our ways of thinking...The Divided Brain invites audiences to dive deeper into the ideas proposed by these conversations. It encourages us to expand our ways of thinking to save the planet, and there's no doubt that's the first step we collectively need to take.' Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

'An inordinate number of people will revive, thrive and flourish as a result of this film.' Dr. Miranda Banks, Author, Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter

'The Divided Brain is a very powerful documentary that has not shied from including critical voices. It conveys, with great clarity and conviction, the immeasurable dangers of the colonization of the brain by the left-brain hemisphere.' Sunil Kumar, PhD, former dean, London School of Economics and Political Science

'A stunning film!' Gerald Ashley, Visiting Fellow at Newcastle Business School, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

'An extraordinary film that traverses science, art, nature, history, culture, music, education and humor, and thereby skillfully exemplifies its subtle, visionary, beautiful and timely message.' Dr. Jonathan Rowson, Scottish Chess Grandmaster, former Director, Social Brain Centre at the RSA

'Beautifully filmed, aesthetically pleasing and completely engrossing...Magnificent work.' Sylvie Hammerson, European Dana Alliance for the Brain

'An absolutely brilliant film!' Camila Batmanghelidjh, CBE, Founder, Kids Company

'A remarkable piece of work...It deserves as wide an audience as possible.' Michael Driver, Chairman, Convex Capital

'A fascinating documentary which filled me with admiration for the amazingly rich and amusingly imaginative human brain.' Leslie Caron, Academy Award nominee, Gigi and An American in Paris

'So much food for thought for how we live...A great film - urge you to see it!' Nina Jasinski, Chief Marketing Officer, Ogilvy UK


Main credits

Becker, Manfred (film director)
Dylyn, Vanessa (film producer)
Dylyn, Vanessa (screenwriter)
Milton, Steve (screenwriter)
McGilchrist, Iain (on-screen participant)
McKenna, Seanna (narrator)

Other credits

Director of photography, John M. Tran; editors, Dave Kazala; original score, Alex Khaskin.

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Distributor subjects

Physical Science
Social Psychology


neuroscience,the brain,the human brain,systems thinking,Iain McGilchrist,psychology,economics,ecology,philosophy,the master and his emissary,; "The Divided Brain"; Bullfrog Films

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