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The 3 Cricketeers

Like many Americans, Claire and Chad Simons worried about climate change but didn’t know what they could do about it. Then one day in 2015, their son came home from school, excited about having eaten a snickerdoodle made with cricket flour.

Crickets as food? Why not? they asked. Crickets are high in protein, easy to raise, and very environmentally friendly, using a fraction of the land, water, and feed needed to raise beef cattle.

Today the family operates a large commercial cricket farm, dehydrating and processing the insects into fine powder or roasting them for snacks. In many countries, insects are a regular part of the diet, even a treat. But recognizing that, for Americans, eating insects can come with a powerful “ick” factor, Claire and Chad work with Chef Gustavo Romero to create innovative - and delicious - new recipes and put high protein crickets on everyone’s plate.

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