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Life 8 - Hassan and The Graduates

When Hassan's wife first saw the plot of land that was to be their new home, she said, 'I can only see the sky connected to the desert,' and refused to get out of their car. But Hassan had decided to come and live here. After realising that growing Chinese imports were fast undermining Egypt's industry, the government began offering land to any graduate willing to farm it. Hassan took the offer, and he was not the only one. Across the Middle East, two out of every three people are now under the age of 25, and the bustling cafes of Egypt's capital Cairo teem with young people who can't find work in the metropolis. Have Hassan and 40,000 other graduates been true pioneers, when the knowledge economy worldwide isn't providing enough jobs?

'There is a continuous challenge of trying to strike a balance in the film[s]...[The films] can be used successfully in stimulating a discussion amongst the youth about the negative aspects of such a life as well as an exploration of alternatives.' Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor of Higher Education, New York University


Main credits

Heer, James (Producer)
Heer, James (Director)
Bradshaw, Steve (Narrator)

Other credits

Music, Ken Myhr; camera, Prospero Bozzo; editor, Declan McCormak.

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Distributor subjects

African Studies
Developing World
Global Issues
International Trade
Labor and Work Issues
Middle Eastern Studies
Millennium Development Goals


Egyptian industry, Chinese imports, government's offer of free land, young population, Cairo, knowledge economy, no jobs; "Hassan and The Graduates"; Bullfrog Films; "Life 8"

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