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Life 8 - Looting the Seas

With growing global appetite for sushi, bluefin tuna is big business--one fish can sell for up to a hundred thousand dollars. But scientists and environmentalists now argue that Atlantic bluefin-- the kind caught in the Mediterranean--is on the verge of collapse, and that the rules designed to protect them aren't working. At the heart of the dispute over bluefin tuna regulation is the European Union. Its member states include big fishing countries like France, Spain, and Italy. For the EU, the task is to prevent a final, and terminal, collapse of bluefin stocks. Looting the Seas investigates why, and reveals a world where even the experts seem unable to agree how to ensure the sustainability of Atlantic bluefin stocks.

'There is a continuous challenge of trying to strike a balance in the film[s]...[The films] can be used successfully in stimulating a discussion amongst the youth about the negative aspects of such a life as well as an exploration of alternatives.' Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor of Higher Education, New York University

'Weave[s] together a compelling story which will hold viewer's attention...I recommend [Looting the Seas] for high school, public and college libraries.' Barbara Butler, University of Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Educational Media Reviews Online


Main credits

Sorrentino, Bruno (Director)
Sorrentino, Bruno (Producer)
Bradshaw, Steve (Narrator)

Other credits

Music, Antonio Testa; editors, Barbara Zosel, Sotira Kyriacou.

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Distributor subjects

Animal Rights
Business Practices
Endangered Species
Environmental Ethics
European Studies
Global Issues
International Trade
Marine Biology
Millennium Development Goals
Oceans and Coasts
Social Psychology


Atlantic bluefin tuna, collapse of bluefin tuna stocks, EU policies, sushi,; overfishing, European Union, quota, fishing; "Looting the Seas"; Bullfrog Films; "Life 8"

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