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Blue Danube?

Connecting more than 18 countries in Western Europe, the Danube River is at the heart of a dilemma over shared resources in the growing European Union.

Bullfrog Films | 2005 | 27 minutes

Border South

A vivid portrait of Central American immigrants who disappear along the trail running from southern Mexico to the US border, exposing a global migration system that renders human beings invisible in life, as well as in death.

Bullfrog Films | 2020 | 82 minutes

Borderline Cases

The environmental impact of the 2,000 factories (maquiladoras) on the US-Mexico border.

Bullfrog Films | 1997 | 65 minutes

Cocaine Unwrapped

Documents the devastating effects of the war on drugs and suggests realistic alternatives.

Bullfrog Films | 2013 | 83 minutes


A benzene-poisoned, Foxconn factory worker takes his fight against the global smartphone industry from his hospital bed in China to the international stage.

Bullfrog Films | 2019 | 89 minutes

The Dilemma Of The White Ant

Dominic Ongwen is both a victim and alleged perpetrator of LRA war crimes. Should he face an international court?

Bullfrog Films | 2008 | 26 minutes

Honour of the Crown

Fran├žois Paulette, senior negotiator for the Smith's Landing First Nation, is determined to see the Canadian government honor promises made in an 1899 treaty.

Natl Film Board of Canada | 2001 | 48 minutes

In Pursuit of Peace

The case for unarmed civilian peacemaking and mediation as a response to violent international conflict.

Natl Film Board of Canada | 2015 | 84 minutes

In Search of International Justice

The first film about a crucial new commitment to the international rule of law: the International Criminal Court.

Bullfrog Films | 2006 | 66 minutes

Khmer Rouge, A Simple Matter of Justice

A UN-appointed judge and his team track down those responsible of the crimes committed in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge regime from April 1975 to January 1979.

Icarus Films | 2013 | 79 minutes