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Blessed Is the Match

The story of Hannah Senesh, a Hungarian poet who was captured by the Nazis while trying to rescue Jews in Hungary, including her mother

GOOD DOCS | 2008 | 78 minutes

East Punk Memories

After 20 years, the filmmaker revisits a group of young punks who struggled with the communist regime during the early 80s.

Icarus Films | 2012 | 79 minutes

The Last Happy Day

A portrait of a doctor who saw the worst of society and ran.

Icarus Films | 2015 | 37 minutes

Life 6 - Looking For My Gypsy Roots

Hungarian film director Arpad faces a dilemma - should he track down his Roma father?

Bullfrog Films | 2008 | 28 minutes

Life 8 - Darkness on the Edge of Town

Hungarian filmmaker Arpad Bogdan sets out to discover what's behind the new wave of anti-Roma sentiment in Hungary today.

Bullfrog Films | 2011 | 26 minutes

Narrow Path to Happiness

A young, gay Romani couple from a remote village in Hungary make a musical film based on their lives.

First Hand Films | 2023 | 83 minutes

1989: A Statesman Opens Up

How a political ingenue guided Hungary through its most critical period in three decades - and laid the groundwork for the fall of the Berlin Wall.

First Hand Films | 2014 | 58 minutes