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Berlin For Beginners - A Roma Home Movie

Humor, chutzpah and solidarity against poverty and exclusion: a Romanian family in Berlin.

First Hand Films | 2016 | 93 minutes

Cabbage, Potatoes and other Demons

1 village, 1.000 tractors, 100.000 tons of cabbages & potatoes each year - which are hardly sold and eventually destroyed. Is there any way out?

Deckert Distribution | 2016 | 60 minutes

Kapitalism: Our Secret Recipe

Twenty years after Ceausescu, Romanian GDP is low and infrastructure poor. Featuring interviews with the oligarchs who control the Romanian economy, this documentary seeks to find out what happened.

Icarus Films | 2010 | 55 minutes

Suspino: A Cry for Roma

An unflinching look at the persecution of Europe's largest minority, the Roma or 'gypsies'.

Bullfrog Films | 2003 | 72 minutes