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Examines every facet of the diamond trade from the prospectors to the miners, cutters, jewelers, smugglers and dealers, and advocates for fair trade.

Bullfrog Films | 2008 | 99 minutes

After 11 years of civil war, can Sierra Leone expect tourism to improve the economy?

Bullfrog Films | 2006 | 27 minutes

Blind musician, Sorie Kondi, from Sierra Leone looks at what's happening with girls' education in his country 10 years after civil war.

Bullfrog Films | 2011 | 27 minutes

Follows two West African poets and lifelong friends, Syl Cheney-Coker and Niyi Osundare, as they travel through their home countries of Sierra Leone and Nigeria to explore what has shaped their art.

Icarus Films | 2018 | 99 minutes

An after-school storytelling project in a diverse, but divided, city school breaks cultural boundaries and creates community.

Bullfrog Films | 2010 | 59 minutes