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Created with 20,000 photographs and a haunting soundtrack, "Airsick" plays out like an unsettling dream. Photographer Lucas Oleniuk examines our addiction to fossil fuel - and its consequences.

MediaStorm | 2010 | 5 minutes

Investigates the largest auto scam in the world, tracing VW's deliberate installation of defeat devices in their diesel cars to circumvent California and US vehicle emissions standards.

Bullfrog Films | 2018 | 61 minutes

Follows a community devastated by coal, starting with American Electric Power's buyout and bulldozing of this Ohio River town, after exposing them to years of harmful emissions.

Bullfrog Films | 2017 | 75 minutes

David Suzuki celebrates the birth of a new scientific worldview that is holistic rather reductionist.

Bullfrog Films | 2003 | 53 minutes

The story of how America led the world to solve the ozone crisis. Will we dare to do the same with climate change?

Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 57 minutes

A wake-up call about Prince Edward Island: Monoculture, increased reliance on pesticides, an invisible cloud of deadly poision, the highest rate of hospital admissions for asthma in Canada.

National Film Board of Canada | 2002 | 25 minutes