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Airsick: An Industrial Devolution

Created with 20,000 photographs and a haunting soundtrack, "Airsick" plays out like an unsettling dream. Photographer Lucas Oleniuk examines our addiction to fossil fuel - and its consequences.

MediaStorm | 2010 | 5 minutes


Investigates the largest auto scam in the world, tracing VW's deliberate installation of defeat devices in their diesel cars to circumvent California and US vehicle emissions standards.

Bullfrog Films | 2018 | 61 minutes

Cheshire, Ohio

Follows a community devastated by coal, starting with American Electric Power's buyout and bulldozing of this Ohio River town, after exposing them to years of harmful emissions.

Bullfrog Films | 2017 | 75 minutes

A New Moon Over Tohoku

* New film added Fall 2020 * 
A New Moon Over Tohoku is a moving story of love, survival, and Japanese tradition in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in northeastern Japan. The film chronicles the healing journey of both the Canadian-Japanese filmmaker and the Japanese residents affected by the disasters who speak out for the first time, breaking away from their cultural silence to share their own stories.

Global Environmental Justice | 2016 | 98 minutes


* New film added Fall 2020*
RiverBlue connects the consumer appetite for fast fashion with a rapid increase in the highly  profitable but environmentally damaging production of “disposable” clothing. Host Mark Angelo documents the profound impact of textile factories serving the fashion industry in Western countries on rivers in Bangladesh, China, India, and Indonesia.

Global Environmental Justice | 2017 | 147 minutes

The Sacred Balance - Journey into New Worlds

David Suzuki celebrates the birth of a new scientific worldview that is holistic rather reductionist.

Bullfrog Films | 2003 | 53 minutes

Shattered Sky

The story of how America led the world to solve the ozone crisis. Will we dare to do the same with climate change?

Bullfrog Films | 2012 | 57 minutes

Something in the Air

A wake-up call about Prince Edward Island: Monoculture, increased reliance on pesticides, an invisible cloud of deadly poision, the highest rate of hospital admissions for asthma in Canada.

Natl Film Board of Canada | 2002 | 25 minutes