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Between the Lines

A visually lyrical, experimental documentary about women who cut themselves, this film explores the fine line between self-destructive behavior and self-preserving coping mechanisms.

The Fanlight Collection | 1997 | 21 minutes

The Great Vacation Squeeze

From the producer of the classic AFFLUENZA, this film shows why vacations are important for productivity, happiness, family bonding and especially health.

Bullfrog Films | 2014 | 27 minutes

Invisible Frontliners

There are jobs without which society would not function. Who are those caretakers, the people who keep everyday life going, who keep the homes clean, provide food, and make it possible for the rest of us to live and work comfortably even during a pandemic? A tender yet radical tale of those who make sure society’s basics keep working even in time of crises; proudly and pragmatically told by themselves.

First Hand Films | 2022 | 50 minutes

The Other Side of Blue

Through testimonies with four engaging young people, as well as commentary from two psychiatrists and a social worker who work with teens, the film explores the nature, causes, symptoms, and consequences of clinical depression, what makes teenage depression different.

The Fanlight Collection | 2000 | 31 minutes

Overworked to Suicide

After the recession of the 1990s, Japan’s white collar salarymen increasingly must work arduous hours for fear of losing their jobs. This often leads to depression and suicide.

MediaStorm | 2014 | 10 minutes

Two Kids a Day

Kids taken from their homes and interrogated, violating international law. Almost all of the children are convicted and sent to prison. Behind the official reasoning there’s an underlying systemic motive: when a child is jailed, its family won’t make any noise. Three of the children, adults today, watch their own arresting interviews on webcam recordings and speak about their imprisonment. In 2023, Israel's government wants to censor the film.

First Hand Films | 2022 | 90 minutes

The Two Lives of Eva

The complicated, traumatic story of a young woman, the filmmaker's mother, a well-off, Polish Lutheran before WWII, who afterwards married a Jewish Warsaw ghetto survivor.

Icarus Films | 2006 | 85 minutes

XS Stress: Teens Take Control

Teen take control of their lives in coping with the stress-filled years of adolescence.

National Film Board of Canada | 2004 | 28 minutes