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Connectivity Project: Interconnections

Examines how different cultures and faiths from around the world have a common, time-honored awareness of an interconnected way of being.

Bullfrog Films | 2021 | 15 minutes

Exile Family Movie

An exiled family in Texas can only meet family still living in Iran via the Haj in Mecca, meeting or the first time in a small hotel room after nearly two decades.

First Hand Films | 2005 | 90 minutes


Two widely different images of religious faith create a contrasting and thought-provoking totality.

First Hand Films | 2018 | 81 minutes

The Forbidden Call

Change in the male-led Catholic church is long overdue. One woman is ready to take a stand

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 7 minutes

The Heretic

Follows Rob Bell, former founder of a megachurch in Michigan, but now an influential writer and speaker, who spreads a message of love and inclusion and searches for what it means to be human.

Bullfrog Films | 2018 | 71 minutes

Holy Rights - Bitchitra Collective

A deeply religious Muslim woman in India challenges patriarchal interpretations of Islamic law especially in regards to divorce.

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 52 minutes

The Light in Her Eyes

A woman is a school. Teach her and you teach a generation.

GOOD DOCS | 2012 | 87 minutes

MANA - Beyond Belief

Feature-length visual essay on the power of objects. People, all people, all over the world have their own versions of mana, residing in their minds or in the objects themselves.

Strange Attractions | 2005 | 92 minutes

The Reformist - A Female Imam

The struggles of Sherin, one of the first female Imams in Europe.

First Hand Films | 2019 | 88 minutes

The Return of Elder Pingree

A lapsed Mormon retraces the steps he took 25 years ago in Guatemala as a devout missionary to search for the people who once trusted him with their religious faith

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 84 minutes