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Caridad hasn’t spoken to her father since he left the family under a cloud of suspicion years ago, until a dormant volcano starts spewing ash with Caridad trapped in the blast zone.

Pragda Films | 2018 | 88 minutes

The Authority

A Spanish-Moroccan family that is going out on vacation is stopped by the police. After the humiliating search, things will never be the same.

Pragda Films | 2010 | 10 minutes

The Birth

A sterile worker who wishes to have a child must assist a young woman in labor who does not want to have the baby.

Pragda Films | 2012 | 13 minutes

The Black and White Milk Cow

A young schoolteacher unknowingly enters a tangled web of politics.

dGenerate Films | 2012 | 93 minutes


BLOWBACK is a dynamic exploration of the representation of the wars in Iraq (2003-2011) and Afghanistan (2001-2021) in world cinema which argues that films function as resonant cultural artifacts that shape how the conflicts come to be understood and remembered by audiences at the time, and those of generations to come.

Bullfrog Films | 2019 | 30 minutes

Catching Sight of Thelma and Louise

Explores the same women's and men's reactions to the groundbreaking film, THELMA and LOUISE, 25 years ago and today.

Bullfrog Films | 2019 | 86 minutes

Doors of the Past

In the early '90s, many African women fled their homes due to war and political instability and settled down in Belgium. What if women other than these refugees started to open the doors of the past?

Icarus Films | 2011 | 14 minutes

The Embassy

In one of Chris Marker's few fiction films, political dissidents seek refuge in a foreign embassy after a military coup d'état in an unidentified country.

Icarus Films | 1973 | 21 minutes


A sudden event will draw an unexpected path between Arcelia, an elderly lady, and the young Julian.

Pragda Films | 2019 | 18 minutes

Everything Else (Todo lo Demás)

An “observational narrative” which is a mesmerizing contemplation on solitude.

Icarus Films | 2016 | 98 minutes