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Dance Camera West 2023

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Docuseek is proud to present the 2023 program for Dance Camera West, a festival that aims to foster ground-breaking creation of dance film. The program includes:

Yurodivy - directed by Ryan Renshaw. Based upon the legend of Sisyphus, Yurodivy explores contemporary humankind's relentless pursuit for wealth and happiness. (4 mins)

Cuckoo Song - directed by James Copeman. A joyous, hypnotic dance experience that celebrates Mother Nature’s natural cycle. (13 mins)

Our Planet Destiny - directed by Chen Li. The hope there will be less pollution, less destruction and less war. (10 mins)

La Galerie - directed by Loup-William Théberge. An unforeseen connection between a woman and a painting triggers an unexpected journey. (12 mins)

Suck it Up - directed by Baye & Asa. Confronts the violent fallout of male insecurity and entitlement. (12 mins)

The Noise My Leaves Make - directed by Tia-Monique Uzor. A contemporary dance film that explores Black womanhood and the rural environment in England. (7 mins)

What I Know So Far - directed by Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern. Movement, words, a soliloquy. (5 mins)

At Lake - directed by Mistaya Hemingway. A revisioning of Maya Deren's iconic 1944 film, At Land. (13 mins)

Parque - directed by Iván Asnicar, Ailén Cafiso. Two bodies dance looking for the exit. (7 mins)

Sheila - directed by Gabri Christa. A dancer blows out a candle and finds herself in a magical world of memory, dance and presence. Featuring Sheila Rohan, one of the founding members of Dance Theater of Harlem. (8 mins)

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