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The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 1

The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators - Part 1

From an easygoing childhood in Austria through high school problems and hardship: as a young adult, Hitler is hungry and even homeless at times. It’s only after his parents’ early death and an inheritance from his father that he manages to make something resembling a normal life in Munich, his city of choice. It is also here that he joins an army for the first time voluntarily. After World War I Hitler is installed at the NSDAP as a police informer. He quickly takes over a leadership role and modernizes the party. Admiring Mussolini’s ‘March to Rome’ he attempts a coup in 1923 but fails and is jailed. In his year in prison, he writes ‘Mein Kampf’, and after being released, he re-establishes the NSDAP and develops the party into a powerful movement, even if the roaring 1920's don’t cry for nationalism.

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Main credits

Pölking, Hermann (filmmaker)
Pollfuss, Thorsten (film producer)

Other credits

Editing, Julio Olmo Poranzke, Martin Bomke; original music by Julius Holtz.

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Germany, Hitler, Adolf Hitler, World War II, war, peace, Europe; "The Hitler Chronicles - Blueprint for Dictators"; Nazi; Nazism; fascism; Weimar

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