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Modern Slavery, Ep. 1

Slavery exists today despite it being prohibited in every country where it's practiced. It's also prohibited as a consequence of the UN's declaration of human rights from 1948. Today, there are more slaves than ever in the world. Trafficking, child labor, sexual slavery, debt bondage and forced labor are the most widespread forms of modern slavery.

In Paris, we meet the former house slave Rania, who came to France from Morocco as a child. Acquaintances of her family promised her a future in Paris, with education and a place to live. Instead she had to work for free as a maid and a babysitter. A childhood characterized by forced labor, violence and deprivation of liberty. And no education. Rania is today an adult and gets help with taking her former slave holder to law.

Children in the sex industry are a direct result of attitudes to sex among men who are leading thousands of children into a life as sex slaves. Both Sino and La Thiya have experienced men who have exploited them grossly, without any form of payment. Their stories are close and moving. Today they're both working for a centre who are helping women to get out of sexual slavery.

Series Description

The price of slaves is at a historic low and they are consequently more exposed: they can be used, discarded and replaced. They are abused and dishonored, denied their freedom and refused medical assistance.

The documentary series Modern Slavery is stylistically assured and powerful. It manages to inform about the big picture but also move through the fate of individuals in France, India, Uganda, Cambodia and Moldova. Here are intimate encounters with people who have succeeded in escaping from slavery and have established new lives. In our age we have a historical opportunity to abolish slavery for good. We all share the responsibility. Are we going to take it?

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