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Modern Slavery, Ep. 2

In Asia, we find the most widespread form of slavery: debt bondage. This must not be confused with the type of debt bondage that we know from the West. In India, we meet people who have been lured to rural districts, against an advance that they spend months or years to pay off. Often the slaves are illiterates and completely at their "owners'" mercy. The products they make are exported to the rest of the world, giving us cheap goods.

Child soldiers are being kidnapped by the liberation army LRA in Uganda. They're forced to commit gruesome acts and receive no payment. Those who survive and are liberated by the government forces, are offered help at centers for former child soldiers. Here they get treatment and help with getting back to their families.

Series Description

The price of slaves is at a historic low and they are consequently more exposed: they can be used, discarded and replaced. They are abused and dishonored, denied their freedom and refused medical assistance.

The documentary series Modern Slavery is stylistically assured and powerful. It manages to inform about the big picture but also move through the fate of individuals in France, India, Uganda, Cambodia and Moldova. Here are intimate encounters with people who have succeeded in escaping from slavery and have established new lives. In our age we have a historical opportunity to abolish slavery for good. We all share the responsibility. Are we going to take it?

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