Black Dawn

Black Dawn

BLACK DAWN recounts the founding of Haiti through the eyes of two captured African tribespeople, Sili and Simba.

Starting with their capture in Africa, the story follows their trans-Atlantic journey on a slave ship to Haiti. There they escape their slavery on a French plantation and join the fight for independence led by Toussaint L'Ouverture and Dessaline, ultimately joining in the celebration of the first raising of the Haitian flag.

Animated from paintings by thirteen of Haiti's foremost artists, including Rignaud Benoit, Philom Obin, and Philippe Auguste, BLACK DAWN celebrates the strength and artistry of the Haitian people.

'A colorful meld of visuals, music, and narration that sketches the noble origins of a people's nation, this folklore production will be an enlightening and entertaining addition to public library, community group, and elementary and junior high school programs.' - Booklist

'Superbly animated... an authentic view of Haitian culture. Recommended for all ages!' - Film Library Quarterly

'Portrays the culture and history of a unique people in a sensitive, colorful, and artistically rich fashion.' - Filmnews

'A wealth of... Haitian paintings help to bring this animated film to life.' - Landers Film Reviews


Main credits

Lloyd, Robin (film producer)
Lloyd, Robin (animator)
Kraft, Doreen (film producer)
Kraft, Doreen (animator)
Furnari, Meri (film producer)
Furnari, Meri (animator)
Fouche, Frank (screenwriter)
Andre, Ali Maurice (narrator)

Other credits

Participating artists: Phillip Auguste, Jacques Cheri, Gerald Paul, Rigaud Benoit, Madsen Mompremier, André Saturne, Fritz Valcin, Celestin Faustin, Guy Joachim, Blaise, Dieujuste Cadet, Philome Obin, André Pierre; animated by Robin Lloyd & Doreen Kraft; musicians, Amos Coulages and Maritou, Groupe Folklorique National.

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Distributor subjects

Animated Films
French History
Multi-Cultural Studies
The Caribbean


Rignaud Benoit; Philom Obin; Philippe Auguste; "Black Dawn"; Icarus Films; Haiti; animation; film; slavery; Toussaint L'Ouverture; Dessaline;

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