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The Democratic Revolutionary Handbook

The Democratic Revolutionary Handbook

As seen on CNN, the recent democratic revolutions throughout Eastern Europe—Serbia in 2000, Georgia in 2003, and the Ukraine in 2004—all seemed to follow a quick and easy pattern: the exposure of rigged elections, followed by massive street protests, and a regime that collapsed without a fight. But THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTIONARY HANDBOOK reveals the lengthy and meticulous preparations behind these seemingly spontaneous demonstrations, showing how modern marketing techniques have combined with revolutionary politics to transform the region's governments.

In addition to news footage of the clashes between these pro-democracy political movements and the repressive forces of the police states, the film features interviews with founding members of the opposition political parties—OTPOR in Serbia, KMARA in Serbia and PORA in the Ukraine—who explain the essential ingredients of their success, including uniting various opposition forces, the use of non-violent tactics, and a carefully considered political strategy.

The political desire to overthrow corrupt dictatorships and replace them with democracies, for example, is not enough by itself. These young political activists explain the importance of raising funds from Western foundations, marketing techniques-such as choosing an evocative name and a memorable logo for your organization-and especially the effective use of television, combining agitprop and public relations, to convey one's political message and to get out the vote or, when necessary, the protestors.

But the democratic revolutionary game plan doesn't always succeed. The film also documents the failed 2005 attempt in Azerbaijan, when the protest movement was violently suppressed. Having learned their lessons, however, the Azerbaijan activists explain they are already preparing for the 2008 elections.

In THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTIONARY HANDBOOK, the techniques and tactics involved in the making of a modern revolution are explained in fascinating detail by those who have actually succeeded in organizing the overthrow of Eastern European dictatorships.

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