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Democracy Road

Democracy Road

After more than 20 years in exile in Norway, the Burmese journalists of DVB are returning to their homeland to establish their independent news station there. Editor-in-chief Aye Chan Naing and reporter Than Win Htut have dreamt about this for years, but their struggle for freedom and democracy is not over yet.

DEMOCRACY ROAD is a road movie documentary following the journalists of DVB in Myanmar in a critical phase of the establishment of the newborn democracy. With their existence as an independent news channel and Myanmar's future as a democracy at stake, senior reporter Than Win Htut and his colleagues hit the road with their groundbreaking show 'Our Nation, Our Land.' Their goal is to investigate the living conditions of ordinary people off the beaten path in Myanmar, but the machinery of the old dictatorship is still running. Simultaneously, editor-in-chief, Aye Chan Naing, has to negotiate with DVB's former enemies in the infamous Ministry of Information. The road towards democracy has only just begun...

Director Turid Rogne has followed the journalists of DVB for more than 10 years. With both boldness and sensitivity, she tells the story of life in a former dictatorship through the people who try to influence history.

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Main credits

Rogne, Turid (film director)
Rogne, Turid (cinematographer)
Kleppe, Elisabeth (film producer)
Rocksén, Andreas (film producer)

Other credits

Editor, William Johansson; camera, Kieran Kolle, Turid Rogne; composer, Ølav Oyehaug.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Asian Studies
Political Science


; "Democracy Road"; Icarus Films; Norway; Burma; Myanmar; DVB; Aye Chan Naing; Than Win Htut; Turid Rogne; democracy; Asia;

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