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Imaginary Feasts

Imaginary Feasts

In Nazi concentration camps, the Gulag and Japanese war camps, deportees wrote cooking recipes. Hundreds of those recipes were copied in small notebooks by starving human beings of all origins-women, men, young, old, French, Russians, Americans-who took huge risks to write and keep them. By examining these objects of survival, the film explores a phenomenon of incredible Resistance. Until now, no study or publication has ever been made on these recipes.

'Explores notebooks filled with fantasy recipes that prisoners left behind under unimaginable circumstances as proof of a remarkable kind of quiet resistance... IMAGINARY FEASTS turns the camera on writers, philosophers, cooks, psychiatrists, historians, language specialists and neurologists to explain a baffling yet apparently widespread occurrence.' - Agence France Presse

'The recipes were written from memory...bear in mind that these are not the cookies the prisoners ate in the camps-but the ones they remembered and dreamed of eating.' - National Post


Main credits

Georget, Anne (film director)
Michon, Martine (film producer)

Other credits

Edited by Valérie Salvy; image, Olivier Raffet.

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Death and Dying
Human Rights
Jewish Studies
Western Europe


Anne Georget; food; camp; prisoner; survivor; Gulag; Nazi; Japanese; "Imaginary Feasts"; Icarus Films; cookbooks; war; World War II; Japan; ovid_ca;

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