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Gorbachev. Heaven

Gorbachev. Heaven

GORBACHEV. HEAVEN is a documentary film about changes that reverberated throughout the world wrought by one man. A film summing-up the life of a man who changed the world in the 20th century. Gorbachev’s short time in power was marked by the collapse of this empire. He was the architect of Glasnost and Perestroika, policies that gave the citizens of the Soviet Union - what Ronald Reagan called “the Evil Empire” - a chance to be free. He tore down the Berlin Wall. But at the same time, under his rule, the Chernobyl nuclear facility exploded and its destruction was concealed. Citizens demanding independence in the Baltic states died. Soldiers wielding shovels brutally suppressed protesters in Tbilisi. And Soviet tanks menaced, and killed, peaceful demonstrators in Baku. The Soviet empire collapsed under him – and he is condemned by his own people. Carrying the burden of the past, this lonely old man is living the last days of his life in an empty house in the suburbs near Moscow.

“The whole film is guided by the director’s genuine interest in unpacking a number of delicate topics, and commendably, his interview is underpinned by good journalistic rigour. It definitely represents a valuable historical account of the former president of the Soviet Union’s latter-day perspectives on the great global transformations he took part in at the time of the country’s dissolution – and that remains its strongest feature.” —Cineuropa

Moving, insightful. Alternating between head-on rhetorical confrontation and melancholic everyday observation, this weighty IDFA premiere should match the festival and arthouse profile of Mansky’s recent films “Under the Sun” and “Putin’s Witnesses,” sealing his reputation as one of the most essential working documentarians — with gutsy bravado to match his delicate formal finesse.—Variety

A lyrical portrait of a former political giant in his twilight years, Vitaly Mansky’s Gorbachev. Heaven is an unusually intimate docu-memoir that feels like an epitaph.—Hollywood Reporter

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; "Gorbachev. Heaven"; Icarus Films; Russia; USSR; Ronald Reagan; cold war; Eastern Europe; Biography; politics; ; "Gorbachev. Heaven"; Icarus Films

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