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In the Name of the People

In the Name of the People

An evocative vision of a nation and its tragic civil conflict, IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE is the record of four filmmakers who secretly entered El Salvador, marched with a guerrilla column across the troubled country, and followed it into combat against government forces in San Salvador.

The civil war is given a personal dimension as we meet the insurgents and their supporters - a guerrilla commander, a 12 year old messenger, a peasant family victimized by right wing death squads, and Charlie Clements, an American doctor working with the rebels.

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Main credits

Christopher, Frank (film producer)
Christopher, Frank (film director)
Christopher, Frank (editor of moving image work)
Drehsler, Alex (film producer)
Drehsler, Alex (screenwriter)
Sheen, Martin (narrator)

Other credits

Director of photography, John Chapman; original music, Lanuza.


El Salvador; civil war; Frank Christopher; FMLN; combat; film; documentary; "In the Name of the People"; Icarus Films; "In the Name of the People"; Icarus Films

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