With God On Our Side - Episode 4

With God On Our Side - Episode 4

Seizing the 'pro-family' agenda, New Right conservative strategists midwife a brood of new Christian political organizations, most notably Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority. These groups experience a heady overnight success, registering millions of evangelical voters and helping sweep Ronald Reagan into office. Yet once in the White House, his mainline Republican advisors actively suppress the traditional-values issues. Evangelical leaders are forced to choose between 'speaking truth to power' like Biblical prophets, or 'going along to get along' in the political realm.

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Main credits

Robertson, Cliff (Narrator)
Skaggs, Calvin (Producer)
Skaggs, Calvin (Director)
Taylor, David Van (Producer)

Other credits

Produced and directed by David Van Taylor.

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Distributor subjects

American Studies
Cold War
Gay Studies
Health Care Issues
History (U.S.)
Media Studies
Social Movements


Religious Right; President Bush; evangelical Christianity; evangelical; George W. Bush; Pat Robertson Ralph Reed; Christian Coalition; conservative ; Paul Weyrich; Reverend Jerry Falwell; Doug Wead; David Frum; Don Poage; oil-business; Bible-study; Billy Graham; Richard Nixon; video; documentary; film; Christian anti-Communism; grassroot; grassroots; Church and State ; sex education; textbook; jimmy carter; Moral Majority; Ronald Reagan; Pro-family; "With God On Our Side - Episode 4"; Icarus Films;

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