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Bloodline: AIDS and Family

Bloodline: AIDS and Family

As the AIDS pandemic continues to devastate sub-Saharan Africa, Kristen Ashburn's intimate portrait of African mothers, fathers and children being crushed by AIDS, connects us to these human beings, who are desperate for their story to be understood by the larger world as more than mere statistics.

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Main credits

Ashburn, Kristen (filmmaker)
Ashburn, Kristen (photographer)
Storm, Brian (film producer)

Other credits

Photography, video, and audio by Kristen Ashburn.

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Distributor subjects

Africa, AIDS, Children & Youth, Death & Dying, Economics of Healthcare, Family, Health ad Medicine, Human Rights, Photojournalism, Photographer, Political Science, Poverty, Women Studies, Zimbabwe


AIDS, HIV, photojournalist, family, poverty, Brian Storm, Eric Maierson, Africa, Kristen Ashburn; "Bloodline: AIDS and Family"; MediaStorm

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