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The Queen of the Lizards

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The day comes when two lovers have to say goodbye after their summer affair, because a spaceship comes to look for him. But what if he doesn't come?

Berta is a single mother, young and determined. She enjoys a summer love with Javi, a peculiar man who is passing through her life and that of Margot, her daughter.

But every summer love has an end and this one is today, or at least that's how it should be. Everything goes wrong when the mothership that was supposed to pick up Javi does not appear.

Berta will now have to face what she feared most: a “stable” relationship that, if that were not enough, seems to have planted a germ inside her. And it is not a joke, far from it, but a rereading of melodrama and science fiction governed by a tender and sensitive humor, which the acting couple formed by Bruna Cusí and Javier Botet turn into a memorable romantic story. The return of the Burnin' Barnacles is quite an event.