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Undo Motherhood Ep. 03 - Resignation

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Undo Motherhood delves into the global phenomenon of women regretting motherhood. It exposes the impact of the patriarchal norms surrounding motherhood, highlighting the societal pressure on women to embrace this role, only to be left unsupported by fathers and society once they become mothers. Despite being dedicated and excellent by societal standards, these women grapple with the oppressive role of normative motherhood, often considering it a regrettable mistake that robs them of their existence.

This video is a multimedia version of the project UNDO MOTHERHOOD, published as a photo book in 2022 by Schilt Publishing (Amsterdam). Check out the book HERE.

Episode 01 – Exhaustion

Episode 02 – Isolation

Episode 03 – Resignation

Episode 04 – Acceptance

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