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Food for Thought - Humanity in One Pot - Ep. 3

Food for Thought - Humanity in One Pot - Ep. 3

The students talk with philosopher Hadeer Abo El Nagah and her daughter Mawadah, who discuss what the practice of Islam mean for them. What does feminism mean in the Islamic world? How can one’s self conception be shaped by a belief system like Islam? Professor El Nagah argues that these questions are key for her and that the Islamic concept of submission does not demand unthinking passivity, but rather encourages intellectual engagement and curiosity. Finally, the group considers the significance and role of a religious system like Islam in an increasingly multicultural and globalized world.

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Main credits

Schuit, Valerie (filmmaker)
Robbiano, Chiara (filmmaker)
El Nagah, Hadeer Abo (presenter)

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; "Humanity in One Pot"; Viewpoint Films; Hadeer Aboelnagah; food; Amsterdam; Netherlands; documentary series; philosophy; philosophers; cooking; kitchen; ,doc,food; sociss

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