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New releases

Bitter Money stillThis fall, 37 new titles from Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films and MediaStorm were added to The Docuseek2 Complete Collection and The Docuseek2 Essential Collection. New Bullfrog titles include AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock, which documents the story of Native-led resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline; and The Return, which provides a powerful window into the American criminal-justice system and gives a human face to reentry issues, highlighting the need for attention to equality in justice.

From Icarus Films, Bones of Contention explores the unknown story of LGBT repression under Franco's Spain, and how the death of famed Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca became a symbol of today's LGBT movement; and from the dGenerate Collection Wang Bing's Bitter Money documents China's rapid economic and social transformation by following the rural workers who leave their Yunnan hometown to move to the city of Huzhou to work in its textile factories. New MediaStorm titles include The Distance Between Us, an intimate film about the relationship between adult twin brothers Chris and Nick, one of whom was born with cerebral palsy; and Return to the Body, about a surrogate partner therapist, who engages in education and often intimate physical contact or sexual activity with clients as part of her practice.

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Docuseek2 + Alexander Street Press

Docuseek2 and Alexander Street Press have announced "a strategic partnership to develop new products, and expand the availability of the highest-quality documentary films for higher education." You can view the entire press release here. If you are a Docuseek2 customer, check out our customer FAQ.

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