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Sustainability Collection Sale

Sustainability stillSustainability — whether or not we can keep the whole lifeboat Earth thing afloat — is the foremost challenge for humanity in the 21st century.

In honor of Earth Day and Earth Month, and to help schools, colleges and universities provide the necessary resources to explore and educate about sustainability, Docuseek2 is offering 50% off of The Docuseek2 Sustainability Collection.

The Docuseek2 Sustainability Collection contains over 200 titles covering the breadth of the sustainability field, including many of Bullfrog Films best-known titles and new releases including AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock; How to Let Go of The World; Sacred Cod; Food Coop; Food for Change; A Quest for Meaning; Cheshire, Ohio; Triple Divide [REDACTED]; One Big Home; and Anthropocene.

The collection includes concentrations on development and trade, architecture and design, agriculture, energy, economies, oceans, and more. And importantly, "big picture sustainability" — cultivating a worldview that will help us preserve our precious planet. To view the complete collection, visit

Health and Health Care Collection Sale

Money and Medicine stillDocuseek2 has a strong concentration of films — over 400 titles — about health and health care. Topics range from health care delivery, economics, the drug industry, social and cultural dimensions of health care, global issues in public health and more.

To promote this broad group of films, we are offering 50% off of the collection through July 31.

For details on either the Sustainability sale or the Health Care sale, contact Elena Wayne at .

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