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The National Film Board Animation Collection

Selections from the National Film Board of Canada's world-renowned animation studios.

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Pilots on the Way HomePilots on the Way Home
A satirical meditation on male-female relations, told via three airplane pilots, inexplicably find themselves stranded in the middle of a desert.
National Film Board of Canada ♦ 2014 ♦ 16 minutes
An exploration of the urban environment through rsurfaces, eflections, color, and light.
National Film Board of Canada ♦ 2012 ♦ 5 minutes

Frankenstein is shy, and the good doctor and his not so good assistant try to help him out.

National Film Board of Canada ♦ 1996 ♦ 9 minutes
Subconscious PasswordSubconscious Password
A mind-bending riff on the social gaffe of forgetting what's-his-name's name.
National Film Board of Canada ♦ 2013 ♦ 11 minutes
An animated exploration of the beauty and complexity of parental love.
National Film Board of Canada ♦ 2017 ♦ 9 minutes
Weatherman and the Shadowboxer, TheWeatherman and the Shadowboxer, The
An animated tale of two brothers who share the scars, though not the memories, of an untold history that has driven them to existential extremes.
National Film Board of Canada ♦ 2014 ♦ 10 minutes

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