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  • African Air
  • The Destruction of Memory
  • The Secret Life of Clothes
  • In the Steps of Trisha Brown
  • Planetary
  • Althusser
  • An Apollo Legend
  • Welcome to Refugeestan
  • Incarcerating US

New films!

Cinema Novo stillWe have added over 100 titles to Docuseek2 in our latest update. In addition to the MediaStorm titles added last fall, we are now up to almost 1000 titles available for streaming.

New Bullfrog Films titles include Planetary, a breathtaking cinematic journey exploring our future as a species; Incarcerating US, a look at the U.S. fixation on prisons; and The Secret Life of Clothes, a fascinating dive into what happens to our clothes after they go to the donation bin. Subscribers to The Docuseek2 Complete Collection also get access to over 40 of Bullfrog's most popular titles from their catalog.

New Icarus Films titles include The Destruction of Memory, about contemporary cultural genocide and its roots; Cinema Novo, a look at the pathbreaking Brazilian cinema movement; and In the Steps of Trisha Brown, a profile of the work of the groundbreaking choreographer.

Icarus Films has also added over 30 titles from the French distribution company Andana Films only available via streaming. Like all of our films, they are available exclusively on Docuseek2.

Take adavantage of our 2017 Spring Sale! Contact , our Sales+Marketing manager for more information on the great offers we have!


Docuseek2 + Alexander Street Press

Docuseek2 and Alexander Street Press have announced "a strategic partnership to develop new products and platforms, and expand the availability of the highest-quality documentary films for higher education." You can view the entire press release here. If you are a Docuseek2 customer, check out our customer FAQ.

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