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Titles added in the last six months

Note: If your institution subscribes to The Docuseek Complete Collection, some these titles may not be available for viewing at your institution until the next quarterly update in June.

Chile, Obstinate Memory

Patricio Guzmán's landmark film The Battle of Chile (1976) documented the "Popular Unity" period of Salvador Allende's government, the tumultuous events leading up to the 1973 coup, and Allende's death. Guzmán has returned to show The Battle of Chile in his homeland for the first time. Added May 31, 2023

Icarus Films | 1998 | 58 minutes | 10-12, College, Adult

The Overworked

A comedic morality tale about the dangers of modern urban life. Added May 26, 2023

Icarus Films | 1957 | 25 minutes


Cinematic meditation on technology and motherhood. Added May 26, 2023

Icarus Films | 2022 | 81 minutes

Education and Nationalism

Documents the Japanese government’s re-writing of textbooks and education to support their political point of view. Added May 25, 2023

Icarus Films | 2023 | 108 minutes

The Boys Who Said NO!

The first documentary film to profile the young men and women who actively opposed the military draft in order to end the Vietnam War. Added May 22, 2023

Bullfrog Films | 2021 | 52 minutes | 8-12, College, Adult

The Transition Period

With unprecedented access to a Communist Party leader, investigative filmmaker Zhou Hao offers a startlingly candid look inside Chinese politics at the local level. Added May 18, 2023

dGenerate Films | 2009 | 114 minutes | 10-12, college, adult

Above and Below

Artist Tsherin Sherpa's remarkable 19-year journey from Tibetan Buddhist Thangka painter to global art superstar Added May 18, 2023

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 35 minutes | College, Adults

The Personals

This Academy-Award winning film follows a drama group for senior citizens, as they create and perform a play about looking for dates through the personal ads. Added May 12, 2023

The Fanlight Collection | 1998 | 37 minutes | College/Adult/Professional

A Crack in the Mountain

A Crack in the Mountain is a feature length documentary which tells the story of the world’s largest cave. Added May 11, 2023

Bullfrog Films | 2022 | 53 minutes | 7-12, College, Adults

Street Life

The hidden lives of homeless migrants who survive in the shadows of one of Shanghai's most affluent and historic streets. Added May 10, 2023

dGenerate Films | 2012 | 98 minutes