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The Docuseek Complete Collection 3rd Edition LoF

The Docuseek Complete Collection 3rd Edition LoF will be filled out to 2400 exclusive titles by December 31, 2023, for Life of File.

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The Docuseek Complete Collection 3rd Edition LoF includes the following titles:

Another Paradise - imageAnother Paradise

Fifty years ago the entire Creole population of the Chagos Islands was expelled by the British authorities. This secret operation took place in order to lease the largest island to the US Navy so that it could install a military base. Now Chagossian exiles embark on a struggle to return home.

Andana Films | 2019 | 82 minutes
The Grand Masters of the Chauvet Cave - imageThe Grand Masters of the Chauvet Cave

The paintings and drawings of the Chauvet cave – made 36,000 years ago and discovered 20 years ago in the south of France – are the oldest human artistic expression to date. Their strength and modernity changed radically all the ideas we had on prehistorical art.

Andana Films | 2015 | 52 minutes
Diabetes: A Heavy Cost - imageDiabetes: A Heavy Cost

Diabetes will affect one adult in 10 by 2040. It is ruining lives and weighing heavily on public finances. The disease is still not being treated properly. A whole system has gone off track because patients either take too many drugs or can no longer afford them. Only the pharmaceutical industry seems to be thriving in this bleak health situation.

Andana Films | 2021 | 85 minutes
The Time of Forests - imageThe Time of Forests

As the symbol of authentic, preserved wild nature, forests are undergoing an unprecedented phase of industrialization. Heavy mechanization, monoculture, fertilizers and pesticides, loss of traditional know-how, forest management... all follow the intensive agricultural model at an accelerated rythme. The Time of Forests is a journey to the heart of industrial forestry and its alternatives. A living forest or a green desert, the choices of today will define tomorrow's landscape.

Andana Films | 2018 | 103 minutes
One Step From Glory - imageOne Step From Glory

Abdel is 18. He has been an intern in one of the most prestigious football training centers of Europe. In the next months, his future will be at stake: after negotiations, he may sign his first contract and begin a path to wealth and glory, but if he doesn’t succeed he will get back at the starting point, without a diploma and no prospect in life.

Andana Films | 2020 | 53 minutes
Guardians of the Sea - imageGuardians of the Sea

Reveals the reality of the daily work of activists from an ocean defense organization, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Less publicized but still as committed to the fight against polluters and poachers, today they use methods of action that are very different from the forceful interventions of the past.

Andana Films | 2022 | 52 minutes
Heart of Stone - imageHeart of Stone

A young boy escapes Afghanistan, traveling over 12,000 km alone to France and experiencing the terror and dangers of clandestine migration. Taken into the care of the child welfare services, a psychologist helps him to tame nightmares caused by abandon and poverty. The filmmakers follow his quest for a new life over 8 years, until he enters adulthood.

Andana Films | 2018 | 89 minutes
The Many Lives of Kojin - imageThe Many Lives of Kojin

An Iranian Kurd and political refugee in France, goes to Iraq where accompanied by Kojin, a 23-year-old gay friend, he confronts - with a great sense of humor - his devout family, friends and other members of the Kurdish community with their prejudices against homosexuality.

Andana Films | 2020 | 88 minutes
La Supplication (Voices from Chernobyl) - imageLa Supplication (Voices from Chernobyl)

Based on the novel by Svetlana Alexievich, recipient of a Nobel Prize in Literature, the film examines with the world of Chernobyl, about which we know very little. Eyewitness reports have survived: scientists, teachers, journalists, couples, children. They tell of their old daily lives, then of the catastrophe.

Andana Films | 2017 | 86 minutes
Mirages - imageMirages

Every day, thousands of miles from here, dozens of people are driven by an incredible sense of hope to set out with the intention of arriving in Europe. During the first few days of their crossing from Agadez to Djanet, from Niger into Algeria, these emigrants are forced to confront the time of the desert with its stases, its brutal accelerations and its mineral inertia. The ordeal they undergo turns them into undocumented immigrants.

Andana Films | 2008 | 46 minutes

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