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Dinner for Two

From the imagination of an Academy Award-nominated animator comes this whimsical and humorous look at conflict resolution.

A simple dispute between two small animals grows into a violent struggle that disrupts everyone around them. As they battle over 'territory,' these two small animals realize that their conflict affects not just them, but their whole environment.

An excellent resource to teach conflict resolution for children and adults alike, and a fundamental lesson about ecology.

'From teaching toddlers to share toys to encouraging national leaders to peacefully settle border disputes, this award-winning program has messages for a wide range of audiences...The bright and humorous animation is aptly supported by a breezily jazzy musical soundtrack with appropriate ambient sound effects.' Emergency Librarian

'A delightful fable about conflict suitable for audiences in the nursery and in the workplace...A must-have for business and corporate libraries; highly recommended.' Kelly Hensley, East Tennessee State University, MC Journal

'By using the metaphor of the animals' conflicts, discussions can become as basic or sophisticated as the audience dictates...should be seen in both boardrooms and elementary schools.' Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution

'Wise and very funny.' Women in the Director's Chair International Film and Video Festival

'Dinner for Two presents a fundamental issue in conflict resolution and bullying prevention - the idea that sometimes conflicts begin over unimportant issues, and that we can step back from meaningless conflicts before someone gets hurt. I have seen young people from 6 to 15 spellbound, laughing, and getting the point of this video. The graphics, music, and dramatic flow of the video takes people from awareness of the problem to laughter to realization of the danger the characters put themselves in - and then the children feel relief when the characters work together for safety. Discussions later show me that the lesson has been learned. Highly recommended!' Stan Davis, Guidance Counselor, The Stop Bullying Project


Main credits

Perlman, Janet (screenwriter)
Perlman, Janet (film director)
Perlman, Janet (designer)
Perlman, Janet (animator)
McLean, Barrie Angus (film producer)

Other credits

Camera, Raymond Dumas, Lynda Pelley, Jacques Avoine; music and sound, Judith Gruber-Stitzer.

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Distributor subjects

Children's Films
Children's Stories: Animation
Conflict Resolution
Language Arts
Life Skills
Social Psychology
Social Studies


conflict resolution, animation, ecology; "Dinner for Two"; Bullfrog Films

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