Elbow Room

The fourth film in the National Film Board of Canada's ShowPeace collection on conflict resolution, ELBOW ROOM is a witty look at the different ways in which we deal with conflict, and their consequences.

In this animated short, we watch as a simple dispute between a pair of office workers is played out four different ways, each of them reflecting a common real-life approach to conflict: retreat, denial, aggression and negotiation.

'Are you looking for a short training video that will provoke good discussion about workplace conflicts and ways of approaching it? The National Film Board has produced a fine 8-minute cartoon sequence that does it all. Since it is a cartoon with no dialogue, it can be used in any language setting, and the workplace task and conflict are so abstracted that it can be used easily in most cultures. ... I tested it by running it for a new trainee. It quickly provoked a discussion covering the nature of conflict, various conflict styles, and impact of conflict on the workplace. The tape would be a welcome addition to most trainers' packs, and it is affordable, too.' Paul Wahfhaftig, President, Conflict Resolution Center International, Inc.


Main credits

Obomsawin, Diane (screenwriter)
Obomsawin, Diane (film director)
Obomsawin, Diane (designer)
Obomsawin, Diane (animator)
Page, Marcy (film producer)

Other credits

Photography, Marique Boudreau; original music and sound design, Benoit Fauteux.

Docuseek2 subjects

Distributor subjects

Children's Films
Children's Stories: Animation
Conflict Resolution
Language Arts
Life Skills
Social Psychology
Social Studies


conflict resolution, animation, ecology; "Elbow Room"; Bullfrog Films

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