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Examines the escalating drama in Appalachia over mountaintop removal mining.

Bullfrog Films | 2006 | 72 minutes

The fight to save San Francisco's San Bruno Mountain speaks to the global dilemma of economic growth versus species preservation.

Bullfrog Films | 2011 | 62 minutes

Water quality for major southwest cities is threatened by mining, acid rain, urbanization.

Bullfrog Films | 1988 | 59 minutes

A 25-year battle in Canada's iconic Jumbo Valley pits developers of a large ski resort against conservationists, backcountry skiers and First Nations, who revere it as home of the grizzly bear spirit.

Bullfrog Films | 2016 | 60 minutes

Pakistan's fast-growing mountain, Nanga Parbat, challenges geological theory.

Bullfrog Films | 2002 | 57 minutes

Threats to water quality in the Colorado Rockies.

Bullfrog Films | 1990 | 56 minutes

Journalist Liu Jianqiang and conservation biologist Lü Zhi discover a new way of looking at environmental conservation on the Tibetan Plateau where Buddhist monks and villagers have preserved vast tracts of land for centuries.

Global Environmental Justice | 2014 | 20 minutes

Ranchers and environmentalists team up to protect open space from developers and to learn how to share with wolves this last wild corner of the West.

Bullfrog Films | 2007 | 57 minutes