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Dr. Maman moves freely between Western medicine and ancestral magical recipes. FEVERS is an unassuming film whose strength is the depth with which it observes this remarkable healer in action.

Icarus Films | 2009 | 43 minutes

Fonko - Episode 2: Francophone West Africa

Francophone West Africa is bound together by the French language and a common currency, but also by traditions and languages from the vast empires that dominated the region long before colonialism.

First Hand Films | 2014 | 52 minutes

The Healer's Syndrome

Dr. Moussa Maman, an ethno-psychiatrist who has practiced medicine for 20 years, takes the viewer to Benin, Niger and Senegal to meet some of the faith healers treating AIDS victims.

Icarus Films | 2006 | 52 minutes

Naked Spaces: A Portrait of Rural West Africa

NAKED SPACES explores the rhythm and ritual of life in the rural environments of six West African countries: Mauritania, Mali, Burkino Faso, Togo, Benin and Senegal.

Women Make Movies | 1985 | 135 minutes