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The story of a woman caught up in a cycle of pregnancies because of social pressure to produce a male child, and two other stories of babies, in need, or absent, in Arab countries.

Icarus Films | 2001 | 26 minutes

Dalya's Other Country

A Syrian teen attempts to balance her new life in L.A. while maintaining her Islamic traditions.

GOOD DOCS | 2017 | 58 minutes

Far from Bashar

A few years ago, the al-Mahamids fled Bashar al-Assad and Syria to settle in Montreal. A nuanced portrayal of a Syrian family in Canada, coping with a seemingly interminable war, thousands of miles away, that continues to affect their lives.

Natl Film Board of Canada | 2020 | 73 minutes

The Light in Her Eyes

A woman is a school. Teach her and you teach a generation.

GOOD DOCS | 2012 | 87 minutes

Miss Kiet's Children

In a Dutch classroom, refugee children learn alongside locals under Miss Kiet's firm but loving hand.

Icarus Films | 2016 | 113 minutes

Syria: the Assads' Twilight

A lively documentary history of Syria's Assad regime, tracing its origins and influence, even as it clings to power in the face of the Arab spring.

Icarus Films | 2011 | 52 minutes


Eight former detainees recall the years spent being tortured in Syria's notorious Tadmor Prison.

Icarus Films | 2016 | 103 minutes

Thinking Existenz - Ep 04 - Suad Amiry

A highbrow 10-part serieson philosophy, politics and society. Episode 4 stars Suad Amiry, the Syrian author and director of the Centre for the Conversation of Palestinian Archictectural Heritage.

First Hand Films | 2013 | 30 minutes

This Is Home

Sundance award-winner puts a human face on the global refugee crisis by providing an intimate portrait of four Syrian refugee families arriving in the US and struggling to find their footing.

Bullfrog Films | 2018 | 91 minutes