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The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales

Abigail Disney looks at the Disney family legacy and asks why the American Dream has worked for the wealthy, yet is a nightmare for people born with less.

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 87 minutes

The Backward Class

Filmmaker Madeleine Grant documents the first dalit caste students as they attempt to take the Indian School Certificate exams to enter university.

Collective Eye Films | 2014 | 91 minutes

Barber Shop - Ep 1: Clacton-on-Sea / UK

How possibly could the UK vote for Brexit? In Clacton-on-Sea, a small seaside town, barber Susan and her clients reflects on current European issues like migration, religious extremism, economic decline and the position of the UK vis-à-vis the EU.

First Hand Films | 2017 | 26 minutes

Barber Shop - Ep 3: Detroit / USA

The car industry moved away to low-wage countries and over a million citizens left the city: ‘Motown’ became ‘Ghost town’. Barber Shop Detroit tells the story of nostalgia and pride against a background of economic recession.

First Hand Films | 2017 | 26 minutes

Barber Shop - Ep 4: Rio De Janeiro / Brazil

Brazil has well prepared itself for the Olympic Games of 2016, to embrace sports enthusiasts from all over the world. However, the people from the favela’s have, as always, been forgotten. Barber Shop Brazil talks about current state of the favela’s and of the common man’s fear, not of drug dealers, but of the police.

First Hand Films | 2017 | 26 minutes

Bitter Money

Follows a handful of migrant factory workers, both at work where they may labor for more than 12 hours a day and in their off-hours, and as they hang around shabby dorms drinking, dreaming of home, worrying about getting paid, and trying to decide whether their jobs are worth keeping.

dGenerate Films | 2016 | 152 minutes

Boom Boom

In voiceover, filmmaker Laurie Lassalle questions her desire to be part of the "Gilets jaunes" (Yellow vests) protest movement in France.

Andana Films | 2022 | 110 minutes

Brothers On The Line

Narrated by Martin Sheen, Brothers On The Line is an award-winning documentary feature exploring the extraordinary journey of the Reuther brothers — prolific union organizers who led an army of laborers into an epic struggle for social justice.

Bullfrog Films | 2011 | 81 minutes

Clarissa's Battle

A single mother’s fight for child care for all

GOOD DOCS | 2022 | 89 minutes

Climate Trailblazers: Reimagining Our Futures

Exciting technologies have emerged, setting the gears in motion for a new green industrial revolution. Climate Trailbazers: Reimagining Our Future examines the new technologies and practices that decouple social and economic growth from carbon emissions.

Collective Eye Films | 2021 | 49 minutes