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Border South

A vivid portrait of Central American immigrants who disappear along the trail running from southern Mexico to the US border, exposing a global migration system that renders human beings invisible in life, as well as in death.

Bullfrog Films | 2020 | 82 minutes

Can You Hear Us Now?

Unravels the ways that years of one-party rule have reshaped democracy in Wisconsin, where voters are finding their lives increasingly irrelevant to state lawmakers.

Bullfrog Films | 2021 | 87 minutes

If You Can Ever Get Back

US army combat medics who served in Iraq's “triangle of death" struggle to find their place in the civilian world and to lay to rest their wartime ghosts

GOOD DOCS | 2020 | 100 minutes

Jean Ziegler, the Optimism of Willpower

An in-depth look at the charismatic and controversial sociologist, professor and best-selling author Jean Ziegler and his endless belief in socialism

KimStim | 2018 | 92 minutes

One Step From Glory

Abdel is 18. He has been an intern in one of the most prestigious football training centers of Europe. In the next months, his future will be at stake: after negotiations, he may sign his first contract and begin a path to wealth and glory, but if he doesn’t succeed he will get back at the starting point, without a diploma and no prospect in life.

Andana Films | 2020 | 53 minutes

The 3 Cricketeers

Like many Americans, Claire and Chad Simons worried about climate change but didn’t know what they could do about it. Then one day in 2015, their son came home from school, excited about having eaten a snickerdoodle made with cricket flour. Crickets as food? Why not? they asked.

Bullfrog Films | 2022 | 9 minutes

Welcome to Commie High

Welcome To Commie High explores an experiment in public education: Community High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bullfrog Films | 2020 | 94 minutes