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The Collective Eye Films Collection

The Collective Eye Films Collection is comprised of compelling documentaries that explore the untold stories of our time, building bridges between cultures and providing unique perspectives by exploring social, political, environmental, and spiritual issues to bring provocative and entertaining stories to the screen.

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The Collective Eye Films Collection includes the following titles:

A Growing Thing - imageA Growing Thing

25 years after the end of apartheid, what do women in a South African township dream of?

Collective Eye Films | 2019 | 92 minutes
A Texas Myth - imageA Texas Myth

Indigenous activists in West Texas.

Collective Eye Films | 2019 | 79 minutes
About a War - imageAbout a War

A documentation of the Lebanese Civil War.

Collective Eye Films | 2019 | 84 minutes
Alias Ruby Blade - imageAlias Ruby Blade

An action-packed documentary which chronicles the tumultuous birth of a new nation in East Timor through a never-before-seen perspective. Kirsty Sword, a young Australian activist, aspired to be a documentary filmmaker, but instead she became a revolutionary.

Collective Eye Films | 2013 | 78 minutes
Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey - imageAlien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey

Elizabeth Liang is a Cross-Cultural Kid (CCK). A CCK is a person who has lived in—or meaningfully interacted with—two or more cultural environments for a significant period of time during developmental years.

Collective Eye Films | 2022 | 90 minutes
Austin Unbound - imageAustin Unbound

A look at the intersection of disability and gender identity.

Collective Eye Films | 2014 | 43 minutes
Bomb It 2! - imageBomb It 2!

Jon Reiss and his crew travel to Asia, Australia, the Middle East and beyond, exploring the local graffiti scenes and artists. Follow-up to the groundbreaking street art documentary Bomb It!.

Collective Eye Films | 2010 | 83 minutes
Bomb It! - imageBomb It!

Tells the story of contemporary graffiti, tracing its roots in ancient rock paintings through Picasso to its place in hip-hop culture in 1970's New York City.

Collective Eye Films | 2007 | 93 minutes
Brave Girls - imageBrave Girls

The story of three women and arranged marriage.

Collective Eye Films | 2018 | 68 minutes
Built to Burn - imageBuilt to Burn

Across the west, wildfires have never been more destructive. Oregon’s record-breaking 2020 wildfire season killed at least 11 people, destroyed more than 5,000 homes and businesses, and burned over 1 million acres of land. Today’s fires are vivid and deadly evidence of the new wildfire realities that can no longer be ignored.

Collective Eye Films | 2022 | 52 minutes

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