Beyond Boobs

Beyond Boobs

After lugging the ‘girls’ around for more than 25 years, Kristen is ready to let them go. The decision to get the operation makes it obvious that her breasts are really much more than just a physical attribute – they have become a huge part of who Kristen is. Beyond Boobs is a hilarious and at times provocative film about a middle-aged, American, single-mother living in Switzerland and her quest to find out if she’ll be invisible when she’s no longer the woman with the biggest breasts in the room. As a TED-talker on the subject (“It’s Okay to Look”) and an artist, Kristen has long-been creating performance pieces with her breasts. Leaving these art experiments behind, she now embarks upon a real journey before she goes under the knife, and along the way encounters old lovers, family members, best friends and strangers and asks them, “Am I me, or am I my breasts?” As she heads towards the inevitable and anticipated breast reduction surgery, she finds herself accepting the realities of her future existence – the new shape and size of her body – and realizing what she’d always hoped is actually true: we are not our bodies.

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Main credits

Vermilyea, Kristen (film director)
Vermilyea, Kristen (on-screen participant)
Correa, Stéphane (film director)
Correa, Stéphane (director of photography)
Messel, Esther Van (film producer)
Popp, Christian (film producer)

Other credits

Camera and sound, Stéphane Correa; editing, Bigna Tomschin; original score, Emmanuel Denis.

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; "Beyond Boobs"; First Hand Films; women; health; breasts; sexuality; ageism; surgery; healthcare; documentary; humor;

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