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Reporters Against Power, Ep. 4 - Myanmar

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Fidan arrives in Yangon, Myanmar, on the eve before the latest elections. The military regime has promised fair elections, but who can tell what will really happen?

There is one television station that has committed itself to monitoring the election process and uncovering all irregularities that may occur: The Democratic Voice of Burma. Than Win Htut and the staff of DVB have trained hundreds of citizens all over the country to film with their smartphones during the elections. On election day the system functions flawlessly. The Democratic Voice of Burma has helped in enforcing fair elections by literally controlling the powers that be.

But there is a dark side to the success stories in Myanmar. The new democratic forces have not been very attentive to the Muslim minorities that have been discriminated and killed by Buddhist nationalists. It is not a popular subject, and journalists who draw attention to it can get into a lot of trouble. But in Sittwe, in a closed refugee camp for Muslim Rohingya, a lone blogger manages to send his reports into the world with his smartphone.

Series Description:

A daughter of Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands, Fidan Ekiz visits the courageous people that practice journalism under dictatorship or oppression and becomes a part of their adventurous daily life. After being a news correspondent in Turkey for some years, Fidan returns to The Netherlands and starts making documentaries. At age of 38 she tries to redefine the importance of journalism.

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